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Helste We are a horny couple , looking to please women in threesome fun

Hi There, let us please ya.

we want dirty sluts to join us , if you like to be kinky then we are the couple you need to fuck , i am bi-sexual my partner is straight , we want women only , no men sorry ,


Elem Nice couple invite you to more then just fun

We are a young, attractive medium build couple and most importay willing and waiting to hear from all the sexy people that would like to meet-up with us.

Please forgive us for not posting our pictures as we are still shy about uploading our pictures onto the internet. We do however want to meet up with sexy, relaxed and easy going people that are just as interested in sex as we are. If wanted, Photo exchanges can be arranged.

Mostly we are looking for a friendly and attractive Bi-Fem that would like to join us as we haven't yet had a 2 F to 1 M 3somes, but we are also still interested in all other swinging couples and types.

Ian & Barbara are a sexy loving couple looking to expand their horizons. Babs is Bi-Curious

  Hi, we are Ian and Barbara, very interested in swinging for the first time.. Barbara has a couple of fantasies, one is to kiss someone else''s (female) cum off Ian''s lips and the other is for Ian to be on the floor, her on Ian''s cock and a luscious female perched on Ian''s face getting her clit well and truly licked, with lots of bi kissing and fondling.. We are looking for like minded women or couples. Personality is the key and if we hit it off then anything could happen.. 

Fuck my wet pussy. Lick me. Suck me. Put your finger here while I rub my clit.. We both love to be touched everywhere. Love oral. Love to fuck in every possible postion indoors and out.. No experience in swinging. Both have had a number of partners. Barbara is Bi-Curious - never even kissed a girl before.. 

Anywhere, not sure about being watched but we love outdoors and car as well as any room in the house. It happens wherever we are when we''re ready. Barbara would do it in Asda if we wouldn''t get locked up.. We love erotic movies and have a few DVDs. Bored by all the old ones. Hate off the shelf stuff and Adult channels as too tame.. Threesomes or couples first. See where it goes. We need to explore ourselves first before we go to groups.. 

Barbara wants to lick another woman''s cum off Ian''s face and try licking another womans cunt. Ian just want to enjoy making women come in whatever way it pleases them.. Good personality, sex appeal. Desire. Maybe someone who could show us new experiences.. Important that we both get satisfaction. Best for us is when Barbara has her multiple orgasms. She can gush when really fucked well.. 

Gilly from Westmorland Genuine guy, slim, clean and safe

To sit on a beach watching the sun go down as we caressed each other, getting more intimate as we go along, till we reach the ultimate level of satisfaction 

If this is your dream also happy.gilmoratthe hot1 would like to hear from you! xxx


Andrew married but looking for fun and ment elsewhere!

Hi, I,m Andrew. I'm married but looking for fun and ment elsewhere!. Are you wanting the same. 

Hard, horny, wet, suck. A nice bum and sexy underwear makes me horny!I like to slowly tease of clothes, touch and be touched.. No experience. 

In the shower. Unsure. Open to suggestion..........  Wait and see............. An appetite for sex like mine. Lets experiment!. 


Guy westmorland looking a female for some fun times

Hi I am guy. I am a married man with a high sex drive so I am looking for a female or a couple to join for some good times. I enjoy good food real ale fine wine etc.. 

I want to meet people who have a liberated outlook and are not afraid of the unkown.. 

Dan looking for no strings attached sex!. 

Hi there im dan and im looking for no strings attached sex!. Im easy going, physically fit and i love sex!. I am looking for a girl who takes care of herself likes the same things i do and loves sex!. 

People say im relaxed, true, easy to get on with, and always there to help!. I like it when everyone else around me is happy and having a good time. Also when people make me laugh is always a plus!. I get passionate about most things, music, sport oh and!!!. If i had one day left id have sex with the most beatiful women i could find and act out every one of my fantasies, then i would go and have a massive party with my mates and family!!. 

I enjoy going to rave clubs (godskitchen, crasher, slinky etc) also love sport and going to the gym!. A great nite would be seeing my favourite dj play to me and my mates in a wicked club and having a great time with everyone!. A stop at alton towers for half the day, then off to a nice restaurant followed by a night out at a good club.. Where i know everyone and theres no ego or bad attitude in the air. I just like everyone to be on the same level so that we can all have a good time. 

no strings attached sex!!. 


Hot guy69 always wanting to try new adventerous raunchy things

Hey gorgeous. Love to have no strings attached sex with beautiful women, and lick them out, every corner and end left unlicked until they experience multiple orgasms, again, again and again.......... Anyone whose up for fun and wild games, willing too try all sorts of new things and have a wicked sex drive!!!. 

Have relative expereice on swinging scene, u wont be disappointed..T ME!

Clubbin, meals, anything u'd expect! chew and sensually lick the clit of a woman whilst fingering her hole then licking her ass hole, puting my tongue deep into her holes, before the real action begins.......!

Dan Fun loving male with a bad side itching to get out

Hello, fun loving male looking to meet attractive females with GSOH and a wicked side of their own. I'm the one in the white top.


Peter clean, fun and adventurous. Looking for fun with open minded people. in Westmorland

Hi, I am Peter. I would like to meet any woman or straight couple (regardless of age, race or build) who would lke to meet up for discreet meetings at first. . 

Dress is important and I am very turned on by a woman in a tight fitting business suit with tights and high heels. I like to a woman who will sometimes be dominant, and take control during foreplay and sex. . 

Anywhere inside, I am not overly turned on by having sex outside but would be willingly to try it if it turned on my partner.. I would have to watch Ben Dover movies because they invlove 1-on-1 and 1-on-2+ situations plus having anal sex.. Never had threesomes/couples or more but would relish the chance to start my education.. 

Several, but some are predictable like having illict sex with Mums or married women. The rest are more role-play based and have themain feature of a dominant women/couple such as Teacher/Pupil, Police/Suspect, Boss/Assistant. I have to say that my strongest fantasy is to see my partner on the pull and pulling as many men as possible to have group sex later. I can then watch and when they have used her I can go in and fuck her spunk filled pussy, mouth and anus. Any males would do (a group between 3 - 6 prefrably)and it would be a more of a turn on if she could pick up some niave or inexperienced young males (17 to 18 years old).. A woman who knows what she wants and will get it, or the opposite of a shy woman wishing to be led. Just the atitude would turn me on quickly, plus the voice is quite important (can't describe it though).. Just by having hard sex, I am simply pleased with several positions and would ideally involve oral, tit-wank and anal sex. I don't want to sound odd but it depends on the women and someone who didn't want to do any of those things would satisfy me if she knew it and made it obvious as that also attracts me. A slow strip-tease is very erotic.. 

Richard ultimate fantasy is to have sex with two attractive women at the same time

Hi my name's Richard!. My ultimate fantasy is to have sex with two attractive women at the same time, something I have always wanted to do but never had the opportunity.. Would love to meet horny girls, any age any destination.. 

I love to fuck u hard!. I love oral sex, giving and taking and having my balls licked.. None!.  I'm quite a traditional man, I like beds, hotel rooms are good, always willing to give new things a try though.. Difficult to say, I like lesbianism though.. n/a. 

two girls, having sex with strangers on planes trains etc, uniforms.. Talking dirty, taking charge, not in an S M way just being forward and authoritative.. Oral sex, on top, I like a bit of everything.. 

Mark in Kendal fun, outgoing, hletic and enjoys socialising

Hi there, Im mark.. Im a young buck egger to please About You
Im young and outgoing and just a beginner when it comes to swinging. 

Nice youjng girls with tight arses and round firm tits. To ride my young hard cock.