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Silva private twosomes if we both meet out mutually exacting standards located in Herefordshire

Salut. My kindred spirit is a well-married man, very committed to his family, but crushingly bored. You are looking for a highly intelligent woman to flirt and fantasise with. You will know the secret of Mornington Crescent but never have read The Telegraph. You will be over forty because I don't play with boys. You may not have had much to laugh about for a while, but be eager to rediscover the joy of FUN with the possibility of a frolic.

I am no e-virgin, but I stick with one man at a time. My last adventure ended four years ago for the very best of reasons. I have a Master's degree in my field but excel as a mistress.

Very private twosomes if we both meet out mutually exacting standards

Sweety Love to be in Group Sex with Couple and I love more men while having sex

''''Hi'''' Love to be in Group Sex with Coupple and I love more men while having sex

We are happily married & have a secure relionship.  We enjoy wining / dining out & enjoy almost all-internional cuisine''s. We both drink socially.

Sweety is a good-looking woman with a sexy body. She modelled a bit before we married. She is 5'' 6", trim 65kgs. She has full 36" breasts of the softish variety & lovely legs. She is very fair. V is trim, 6'' 1", 95 kgs, averagely hung, uncircumcised.

We started a couple of years ago to put the ment back into our marital sex. We have had "same room swaps" with other couples and MFM "threesomes". We started with non-penetrive ones encounters, as Sweety wanted to start things slowly,but lter she became wild and we started keeping once a mounth a FUN Night and we invite coupple''s and single''s the event,and its so sucess,we also been to Lime light club in London where Man called alex keep the event I think 4 to 5 times a mounth and next is on next Surday,also we been to various club''s in europe as we travel alot on business,

We do not fancy any pain, humiliion, bondage etc. We want old-fashioned fun when three or more bodies get together in new situions for sex. We like long foreplay, with oral-- receiving & giving. We are open minded to new experiments & experiences but we want same room / bed fun. Both of us are mildly BI and are not averse to touching & oral with same gender, in a heed situion. I like to wch Sweety with another well-endowed men some time women(while participing) and she likes them "big".

Joy in Watford Herefordshire wants 2 Coloured guys husband to watch

2 Coloured guys wanted, husband to watch Hi. I''m a slim, attractive blonde, size 10 and looking for two coloured men for a threesome to fulfill my dream.

Husband approves and would love to watch me capture my fantasy. We are a genuine friendly couple. Hertfordshire.


Mish and John love to meet new people and do new things we are up for anything

hi we are mish and jhon we love to meet new people and do new things we are up for anything. to be tied up and licked all over. class and jamie. 

thats nice harder. kissed on my neck and toched on my legs. none. 

any wear. any thing with girl on girl cause it turns me on. any. 

lots. sexy underwear and shaved with a little line long legs and big boobs. 

Molly from Herefordshire a 40 something looking for unattached good sex

Hi there, I am Molly. I need a spicy sex life, I feel horny a lot of the time and I am looking for sex without strings. I am looking for a man with the same outlook or a bi couple who would initiate me into the bi sex world. 

I love to be licked on my tits and pussy. I need someone who can stay the course. I love nipple jewellry and for a man to suck it off.

Simon in Herts Herefordshire Looking for fun people for fun NSS.

Hi there, im simon. I am in an open relationship. me and my g/f are willing to go with others, together or alone and try the group thing.. I have also experience in group sex, 2F 2M...i have also tried groups 4-5-6, amazing experinece loved every minute of it. was great fun, so exciting. Many of us had multiple orgasms. was amazing,,would love to do that again.

I live in herts. not excting, willing to travel. Willing to send you more pics. I am genuine, honest and transparent. My work is boring and long hours, and this lets out my get my frustrations out.

I like to drink, games fun more easy going and removes inhibitions.... Not into drugs. I am easy going and will chat about anything. Love house parties etc, dont mind going to bars. Fine about meeting people in public places as i appreciate apprehension about meeting people over the net. happy to talk to peple first over , phone etc if they are worried. I am genuie and so is our group.

am looking for other girls that would like my g/f, or girl for me, or try a group thing.. dont care how novice and want to experiment in confidence or you want to try group sex. We have small groups, or we can 1-2 1-2...dont mind. We only live once, and i want to try everytihng before we depart. We are very safe conscious, and there is no obligation for anyone to do anytihng, you can just watch if you wish.....

D I am looking to experience all sides of pleasure. I am easy going and easily persuaded

  Hi I'm D and I'm looking for new experineces with women or couples, very excited about meeting you and I'm up for anything.. I'm not sure but I would love to be tied up and have two women take it turns to sit on face, clampingthemselves round me until I drink their juices up. Very basic I know but I'm up for loads more. I'd liek to encounter singles or couples who are upf or funand don't take things to seriously. Sex needs to be sensual even though I'm looking for no strings attached. 

too spontaneous to answer that. I love women dressing up, uniforms, maids outfits etc. I love massages and power of suggestion to get me aroused. I also liek to be dominated and to switch through sex. new to seinging so very eager to learn. 

I love getting horny in the bedroom, car, kitchen, bath/shower, outdoors . Anywhere really. Two women having oral sex.. I'm new but all encounters are interesting for me at this stage. 

To meet in a hotle with a stranger/women and just to go for it for a whole weekend and then saying our goodbyes. no inhibitions and to love mutual masterbation, oral sex and touching all over the body, no vanity is important. by making me do things to her and then to return the favour but not completing any one task , a bit of oral a bit of penetration a bit of rimming and then looping it. 

Paris from Hereford I'll try ANYTHING once

Hi i'm Paris. 

Tell me your fantasies, can i watch you with other people/ex boyfriends, girlfriends etc. I'm very good with my tounge & love talking absolutely filth when i'm f*cking. Would like to try an orgy but never had the chance, so who knows? I also like threesomes with women it's the thrill of watching & telling them what to do..and joining in.

  I have a very high sex drive so the mood can take me anywhere, favourite room would prob be a well stocked (toys etc) bedroom or i suppose a hotel room with thin walls and an attractive couple next door, I know that sounds boring but you dont have to stay there do you..

Threesomes, Foursomes, fivesomes Whatever!!!!. And some fun very dirty chat

Bradley from Radlett Sexy, hard fucking, adventurous guy

Looking for a great time. I love people and love to be turned on. I like good looking females, women who taste good, who have a sense of imagination and are not afraid to express themselves and their slutty desires. I like women who are adventurous and who like to explore new experiences.. 

I love to use language in foreplay and I do so in a way that will turn on the specific partner I am with.. I love to be deepthroated and also for my ass to be licked. I am very sensual and like to touch and be touched all over. I have the ability to make any woman I get with come. I have a lot of experience with single and bi females. Not much with groups but I am keen to change that.. 

Anywhere. Depends on the situation and how we were feeling.. Experiences with more than one other person.. 

Dave is From Leominster and is Sexy, Single, Solvent, Searching

  Hello !! Daves Here !!. no inhibitions. genuine people only. 
all of them. everything all over. some previous experience. 
anywhere. any encounters, more erotic the better, but clean.. 
3sums, groups, 1 0n 1 lovemaking. tall, slim, attractive, open minded.. 

Jason looking for some fun maybe more.

Hello My name is Jason (or Jay to my friends) Will you be one?. Hi there, I am looking for some fun with a sexy girl but my fantasy like every other guy is to have a 3some with two bi-women (if anybody wants to help please contact- haha!)

Sorry to those who replied but I could'nt reply back. Hope to speak soon xxx


hi im a scots fireman living in herefrod lookin for fun

hi im colin (driller24 ). got to be 2 women!. adventurous!. 
dont talk with my mouth full. like oral and most stuff. not that much.  like outdoors or public places. innocent school girl punished cos im quite dominant!. not sure. 

more than one women. same adventureness as me. by being sexy.