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Vicky and Rich looking for a girl to join us for a one time experence

Hi we are Vicky and Rich. We are a fun loving couple looking for a girl to join us for a one time experence.. well i'm certainly no prude but i have never had a threesome with ffm, i have had a few mmf which i really enjoyed, but needed quite a bit of wine!!lol Rich is fantastic and our sex life is amazing,but he has one box he would like to tick , so thats why i'm on here! he would like me and another girl!! . So if there are any attractive 25-35 ish ladies that fancy meeting for some real fun please contact us please!.

We love watchig porn and i have lots of toys , but i love talking about sex and sending naughty text messages! ihave always fantasized about having sex in a hot sweaty dark sauna!! i like hot tubs to!!!! I love to be kissed and believe that all sex starts there! but love my boobs sucked! i absolutely adour giving blow jobs and am told that i must have been born knowing how to give them!! lol. I have had a few threesomes now but never been with another couple !! .

We love to make like a bed in the lounge , put a porn on and play a sex game and have some wine ! all ends up getting fucked in all sorts of positions!.


Married couple from Dorset looking for a 3some with another woman

we are a married cpl. molly has had some bi fun, but would love to see marc with another girl too. a 3some would be great

help this horny couple. although i love marc, to taste his cock, covered in the juices of the girl he's just fucked and then to taste her is my fantasy that i'd like to make reality. we would like a bi girl who likes fun.  everything. girls. only a bit of girl on girl with friends. 

everywhere. lesbians. threesomes.  to be able to enjoy the same girl. open mindedness. i love oral, and having my toys used. 

Trudi Part time TV interested in meeting girls for fun and frolics - no ties bit maybe some tieing

Hi there - I'm Trudi a part-time TV who lives mainly as a man. I am only interested inmeeting girls to have some fun and frolics with - sorry guys!!. 

Trudi would be made to dress like a slutty tart or perhaps even a sophisticate dlady of the night!!!! She will be approached by you and quickly seduced into your car whereafter the fun will begin - What will you do with Trudi - YOU DECIDE!!!!. 


Becky and chopper from Dorset looking for a female to become friends with

We're a happy,loving couple looking for a female  to become friends with and - if we all get on - join us. No preconceptions and no hassles to worry about - we are both well adjusted non-obsessives! We're not looking for one-night stands, we'd rather have a friend and no sex more than just sex.
Due to all the fakes on here we'd expect a chat via Webcam or the phone fairly quickly to establish each others' bona fides.

You must have a sense of fun & just enjoy being around people that enjoy life & love. Oh, a huge sexual appetite in need of fulfilling helps, too! We can accomodate or travel anywhere in the UK. We also enjoy playing on Cam with Women/Couples No Single guys please


Sharon and Dave after 3somes with a female

hello we are sharon and dave.. we like 3somes with a female. nice looking and petite ladies that must be bi..any age.  

fuck me. sharon likes to be licked out, dave loves his cock sucked.. 

any room that takes our fancy.. we have got porn on satellite tv.. we get horny watching all.. do you fancy it we are clean and very very horny.

watching dave fuck a female while she is sucking my pussy.. lots of xxx films it takes about 5 mins then we get it on.. i would like to be fucked by a strap-on cock.

Penny and Michael from Bournemouth Very attractive bi-curious first timer

HI we are Penny and Michael. We are a married couple looking for a female for some fun. We would like to meet bi curious females. 

Being public makes us horney, we like be touched anywhere. 

anywhere, anytime. Anything. Woman on woman with husband watching. 

Libby Friendly couple looking for females for sexy adult fun

Hi! We are a friendly, relaxed couple in our early thirties looking for an attractive, slim female for adult fun.

I'm a 35y.o. female, I have long red hair, brown eyes, slim, attractive and 5'6" tall. I have been bi curious for far too long and I'm hoping to find out what I've been missing

My partner is 34y.o, male (straight), with short-cropped hair, blue eyes, average build, attractive and 5''''''''8" tall.
We are clean and very discreet and expect the same in return - unfortunately we can''''''''t really accomodate but travelling is no problem for us.

Tony and Judy in Dorset Couple looking for fun with girls between 21 and 35

Hi from Tony and Julie. We would like to meet a girl(s) who likes to take part in group sex..

I love having my cock sucked and Julie likes to have her pussy licked, but She'd like to have a girl do this to her whilst I fuck her or the girl. Julie is also keen to get licking and touching girls tits and She''''d also like to share sucking my cock.

I am happy(very) to just sit back and wch if ths whs wanted, but I''''d prefer to join in. I love to cum over Julies body, and I mean bucket loads(enough to share), but she'd like to lick it off someone elses body and have it licked off her. Long sessions are the norm with us

We love wching porn, especilly group/lesbian..


Christine Married Bifemale 32, God I need some pussy do you

Hello. My ultimate fantasy would be to Lick my husbands cum from another girls pussy.. Single bi girls rock my boat, Sorry couples but unless the lady plays alone my husband has plenty enough cock for me. Altough if a nice young man wanted to cum and slip a tongue or a cock up my ass while I ride my husbands cock, Well I don''t think I could refuse :o). 

Oh yes bury your tongue right in there. Come on fuck my ass harder. God your pussy looks great with his cock in your ass!. Having my neck bitten makes my nipples stiff,Having my pussy licked makes me come,Having my ass fucked damn nearly makes me pass out.. None what so ever but in our heads we have had Hundreds :o).

depends where the moment arrises. debbie does dallas because its the only one I can remember the name of.. threesome. 

WAY TOO MANY TO LIST HERE. Someone that said YES. Any way she wanted, but I would get of by licking my husbands cum from her pussy.. 

Alex and Allan We're a couple looking for a female to join for sex in the Bristol/ Dorset area

Hey,ladies,Alex and Allan here.Want some fun?. We''d love a threesome with another womanex likes to be dominated and forced to have vibrators and dildos used on her.. We''d like non smoking bifemales into all sorts of sexy fun.. 

Alex loves dirty talk from me,and I like to hear women tell me excatly what they want me to do to them or with them.. We both like to be touched in the obvious places,and also necks,ears, name it. Sexy underwear makes me horny,and masage does it for Alex.. Alex had had some experience,with other women.I''m new to all this,but want to learn ;). 

We''re happy to do it anywhere,but the bathroom''s best for wet sex,I guess.. We both like lesbian movies,and Alex likes to watch(and join in) fisting.. We prefer threesomes,but we''re open to offers.. 

I''d like to see Alex with another woman.She wants me to fist her while she''s licking another woman.We have simple tastes.. Big boobs,uninhibitedness,shaved,long hair.And too many other things to list here.. If we found a woman to go down on Alex,we''d both be satisfied,and the lucky lady would have both of us satisfy herthe same time,too.. 

Cockers&Caress's We Cum Together, and/or Alone from Bournemouth

Petite, happy Bi-Babe & handsome, humorous Stud-Muffin (St8) can accommodate (B'mth) or travel. She - 38, petite, pretty, perky & In-the-Pink. Independent, insightful & VERY interesting! He - 36, slim, witty, wealthy & Well-Happy

Funny isn''t it, how 'Conventional couples are pleased for their best friends to get laid, but not each other? We want more for each other then that, so we see girls together &/or apart. Discretion is not deceit in our (best-friend) relationship & whilst we relish our time together, it's not mandatory. We're in love & it's that honesty that's special. She says she simply doesn't want any other man except me... she just wants other girls! (Bi- God she's beautiful!)

We desire St8 &/or Bi-Babes to enjoy safe adult SEX. Bi-Babes for them both or St8 Babes & couples just for him.

Dorset couple looking for bi woman or other couplesfor fun and games

Hi we are jo and charlie i am 34 he is 37. we are new to this but i want to explore my bi side i have tried it before but was drunk i want to try sober and it makes me horny to think of charlie watching me fuck another woman. not into swapping partners i am happy for other men to watch me fuck their wives but not interested in other men fucking me so if that is what you want then try somewhere else you can film or watch while i play with your wife but i only fuck my man.

what makes me horny is the thought of my man watching while another woman licks my clit. not much. on the computer desk and in the car. debbie does dallas its the first one i watched. threesomes.

being fucked with a strap-on while charlie fuckes my ass. her making me come over and over again. by fucking me all night long.